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Creative Writing : The Tempting Offer

Written by,
Sathiya Seelan Ramachandran

The Tempting Offer

The new 2018 Mercedes -Benz S450L cruised past the crawling traffic of Monday evening effortlessly and swiftly turned right into UEP Subang Jaya exit. The special treatment accorded  to the heavily tinted car bearing a Pahang state emblem drew grouses from the impatient drivers waiting for their turn. The traffic police officer wasn't letting them pass yet. Monday evenings are very unforgiving.
One of them lost patience and attempted to follow suit. The moment he veered his vehicle into the emergency lane, a bright blue light flashed followed by a loud siren. The driver quickly steered his car back into lane. As he did so, a traffic personnel casually rode past him from behind - keeping the line in check.
Watching the commotion from the rear view mirror, Dato' Murugan chuckled. His vast wealth not only bought him a honorary title but also sense of entitlement to break rules at will. He's convinced that he's imm…

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