Prompt : Write a story from the different perspectives of two people meeting for a blind date.

 Characters: Keerthy, Satish

Keerthy Character traits:

Age :21

Student : TESL program

Indian nativity but mostly converses in English. Malayalee Dad and Tamil Mom. Neither of them knows english. She wears english like a badge of prestige/honor.

Fitness conscious but not really. She would order a McD burger without a carbonated drink because it contains high sugar content.

Expects the guy to pay on the date.

Sathish Character traits:

Age : 23

Engineering graduate looking for a job

Tamil Dad and Malayalee Mom. Feels proud conversing in Tamil. Confident conversing in english as well.

Food lover. Cinema lover. 

Has a tendency to instantly fall in love with a girl he just met.

Prefers to go dutch on date.


Two people with contrasting character traits meet up for a blind date. Their view and opinion of the other person changes completely.

Story Arc & plot points :

Satish's friend, Vimala introduces her best friend, Keerthy to Sathish.

They had been conversing over the instant messaging app and phone calls for over a month despite having never met or seen each other's pictures. They used to hog on the phone for hours. The longest being over 2 hours long.

They decided to meet up one day for a movie date. They decided on a dress code.

Satish would be riding his bike while Keerthy would be waiting at the train station for him.

Keerthy recognizes Satish from far away and instantly regrets because of his body shape. She fakes a smile and waves at him as he too notices her. Satish on the other side, falls head over heels upon seeing her beauty.

They decided to grab a quick snack before the movie and decided to go for McD after some discussion over which place to go. They can never seem to agree on a place.

They chat about random stuffs while eating. About why she deosn't want carbonated drinks,...etc. Satish feels that she's overly pretending while keerthy feels that this guy is a polar opposite of what she was expecting.

In the cinema hall, Satish walked with her to the seat and sat first. It was a major turn off for her as he didn't offer to open doors or let her sit first. She was expecting chivalry while he treated her equally.

He offers her to dropby her home after the movie, but she refuses saying her brother will pick her up on the way back.

They head home. Sathish calls her at night before bed time. She answered briefly and says she's tired and wants to retire early. Then, he understands that things have changed forever.

Narrative perspective: First Person



Eyelids felt heavy. I was struggling to keep myself awake staring into the dark ceiling above me. The air conditioner was humming silently, interrupted by my own occasional groans, giggles, laughs, and whispers.

I ran my fingers across the bed trying to find my wristwatch to look for time. I guessed it could be well past 1:00 am now but I needed to be sure. Stacks of papers and certificates were sprawled on the bed. The limited edition Casio Edifice should be somewhere beneath it.

"Got any leads from the matrimony site you registered, days ago? The photo I edited for you should have landed a few interested parties now.," I ruffled through the papers with one hand, while holding the phone in another. I'm sure she heard my silent giggle followed by a hint of a yawn.

It occured to me that I'm holding a perfectly functioning clock against my ears all these while. I facepalmed myself. She hates unattentive guys. I figured I'll keep holding on for now.

"Ah yes, tell me about it. There are already 39 requests so far. My mom has been pestering me since morning to go through the messages." she grumbled with a low, husky voice. "I don't understand her obsession with getting rid off me so soon. I mean I just graduated."

I figured despite all the complaints, even she couldn't have resisted from checking all them out. Classic female hypocrisy. 

"Yeah, so bad." I concurred with a vested interest, briefly pausing my search. I thought I'd probe her further,"but, did you or did you not check them out?"  

The burst of laughter gave her away. "Are you kidding me? Half of them look like uncles to me. There was also a stray chimpanzee too."

I burst out laughing in return.

"Well, well. Not everyday you meet a chimpanzee who is trying to climb up the evolutionary ladder, eh?" I teased her. "I wonder how the kids will look like"

"Like a bunch of monkeys," she quipped. "You seem to be busy with something else there. Am I boring you?"

I jolted from the bed, to look between the pillows and blanket. A few sheets of paper became stuck on my back. I don't know whether it was my resume or my degree transcript. I pulled them off carefully as not to damage them and sniffed it. It smelled horrible.

"I've got a job interview in the morning. I'm looking for my wristwatch"

I was brushing frantically through the blankets and under the pillows when my fingers stumbled upon a metallic object. "Found it!" I declared.

"You know I hate unorganized guys? I don't know how your place looks like. It sure sounds messy." I sensed a tone of disgust in her reply.

"No, no, no, no. I'm not usually like that. It just got buried under the pile of documents I was preparing for tomorrow." Even I wouldn't buy that excuse.

Gosh, it's already 2 am? 


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