Prompt : The Unrequited love : How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

 It was Christmas Eve. The night was cold and breezy. The rain had just stopped a while ago.

I remembered a dear friend who would be celebrating tomorrow. Jasmine was a childhood friend and my confidante. Never a year went by without either wishing her or visiting on the eve of Christmas.

This year, however, we were separated by a great distance, several timezones to be more precise. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we kept in touch just fine.

I picked up my phone and strode towards the windows to call her. The mobile network coverage was horrible within the dorm building. The network indicator showed a 4G connection was possible despite not being at full bars. I switched onto the wifi connection instead. I had the best wifi coverage since the access point is located just outside my room.

"Can call now?," I texted her on Whatsapp. The ticks turned blue instantly. 

Great. I didn't have to wait for her reply. I proceeded to call her. I knew she wouldn't mind.

It took a while to connect.

"Hey Jasmine," I screamed as she picked up the phone.

"Dumbo! I'm at the mass.SHHHH!!!," she hissed in a hushed voice.

"Ok, Ok. I'm sorry." I replied to her and hung up.

I felt dumb. At least I could've waited for a reply, I thought. It was wisdom in hindsight.

My heartfelt heavy. A sudden sense of guilt engulfed me. Am I taking too much liberty with her?

Before my mind started turning into a full-fledged devil's playground, my phone started ringing. It was her.

"Hey Dumbo!," She was basically shouting into her phone. "Don't you wait for a reply when you text?"

I smiled meekly. I felt relieved. 

"Didn't I apologize, after that?", I replied. "Aren't you supposed to be in the mass, now? What are you doing outside?"

"Yeah, well. I was looking for an excuse to get out. And you saved me. Thank you. Muaxxx. You're my darling," she replied cheerfully. "I knew you'd call"

"Are you kidding? It's our tradition. I would've met you in person if you were here. Since you decided to study far away from here, calling you is the best option I have. I've missed you," I really meant it when I said that. Jasmine is the oldest friend I have.

"I've missed you too. Don't worry, Dumbo. I'll be back soon. We'll meet up for new year countdown, alright?"

"Right. Before I forget, Merry Christmas! You're such a distraction". I finally wished her.

"Thank you, dear. Merry Christmas to you too." And she continued, "Anba, I have a confession to make. I've been keeping a secret from you. I don't think I carry this burden any longer. I want to come clean."

The excitement and celebratory mood hit a stop suddenly. We suddenly got serious. Part of me curious to know but another part of me was hesitant. What if she confesses to something I'm not ready for?

"What is it?," I asked hesitantly. I broke a cold sweat while imagining all sorts of worse possibilities.

"I've not been entirely honest with you, you know. And all you have given me is only love. That's why it bothers me so much. Why are you so good?"

"What do you mean, Jasmine?" the curiosity was killing me. I needed to know right away.

"Everything was a lie. Vimala knows. We deceived you.," she started sulking and sobbing.

"Wait, what does she know?" I became tensed. This is even worse. "What are you hiding from me?"

"Everything, Anbu. She knew everything since the beginning," said Jasmine. "Remember the note you wrote to her, which I was too scared to pass on to her?"

"Yeah, I still have them. You mean to say she did read the note?"

"Yes, Anbu. I lied about that to you. I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Oh, God!" I groaned. This is definitely worse.

"She was the one who told me not to tell you anything. In fact, she was the one who fabricated a story about her long-distance relationship with Sathish. Actually, there was no such thing."

I felt a sharp pain in my chest cavity. I clenched my fist and let out a silent cry. Tears rolling down my cheeks. The level of their deception hurt me badly.

"I even confronted her about this. She said you were simply not her type, Anbu. I know you're still harboring feelings for her. But, she doesn't love you. Worse, she deceived you."

She went on, "I know that you're hoping that someday you might stand a chance with her. It's not worth it, Anbu. She's not worth your love. I'm sorry"


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