Project : Murder Awaits on Thursday - Notes for myself

Theme : Poetic Justice (Nature serves the ultimate justice)

Prompt :

"Murder wasn't on today's agenda."

"It's not on anyone's."

"No, it's on mine, just not until next Thursday."


Who :
1. The Councilman and philanthropist. He runs a orphanage and secretly uses the kids as mules to transport drug. He's proud of his achievements and social stature. Very careful as not to let even a small slip up cost him his reputation.
2. Orphanage Warden. A pedophile in secret.
3. Teenage girl, 16. Orphanage kid. Groomed by the warden since she was kid.
4. Councilman's legally wedded wife. Extremely obese and immobile. Addicted to pizza, fast food and tv. Unable to move on her own.
5. Councilman's Mistress. Young and seductive. Very short tempered. Blinded by rage she does things which can't be undone (e.g : killing in anger, etc). The councilman constantly has to cover up for her mistakes.

When : Thursday afternoon (Climax)

Where : At councilman's mistress' house

What : Weapon : Glock 9mm loaded with 9 bullets. Each fired bullet ultimately kills a morally corrupt character ( though not consciously intended by the protagonist)

Why :

How : The councilman is tortured to the brink of death while interrogating. The councilman recall the events that led him here. The 'holier than thou' image that he had built around himself, shatters. Finally, exposing his real personality. As he breaks down crying and begging for his life, the protagonist gifts him with a bullet to his head. It was the last bullet in the gun.


Plot Line, setups & payoffs (Design it all here)

1. Story starts with a news article about a girl found murdered in the park. Head was smashed from left and shot from the right side. Murder happened on V-day. Body found on 16th Feb 2018 (Friday).
2. Dato Nor Hashim is waiting for the reporter at Starbucks. The reporter claims that he knows something that was missed by the forensics and media articles that would mar his good name in public. He said he will only reveal the details face-to-face. It's been an hour but the reporter hasn't turned up yet. Growing impatient, the Dato' stood up and left.
3. Flash news on the radio announces death of a journalist shot dead by an unknown person. The journalist was riding on his motorbike in the rain when suddenly a car pulled up next to him. He assailant called his name and shoots on his forehead. one shot death. The journalist's name is Joseph Vijay.
4.Dato was shocked by this news. There's a hunting game going on. Whoever knows the secret about the girl ends up being dead. He breaks a cold sweat. He knows death is following him. He takes out his phone and calls a hired gun for protection.


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